“I am extre­me­ly plea­sed to welco­me S&P as a sig­ni­fi­cant sha­re­hol­der.”

Söder­berg & Part­ners inve­sts in
APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S

Söder­berg & Part­ners, a Nor­dic mar­ket lea­der in pen­sion advi­ce and cor­pora­te insu­ran­ce ser­vi­ces, is today anno­un­cing their acqui­si­tion of a sub­stan­ti­al mino­ri­ty sha­re­hol­ding in the foun­der-​led pen­sion bro­ker APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S. APC’s foun­der, and CEO, Peter Lind­blad will remain the majo­ri­ty sha­re­hol­der.

APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S is the lar­gest B2C pen­sion bro­ker in Den­mark and one of the lea­ding Fin­tech deve­l­o­pers in the pen­sion indu­s­try, a strong posi­tion that Söder­berg & Part­ners hopes to help APC furt­her strengt­hen through coo­pe­ra­tion aro­und Fin­tech deve­l­op­ment capa­bi­li­ties.

Peter Lind­blad, Foun­der and CEO of APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S, says:
“I am extre­me­ly plea­sed to welco­me Söder­berg & Part­ners as a sig­ni­fi­cant sha­re­hol­der to sup­port APC in the next growth pha­se. This enhan­ces not only the posi­tion of, and pos­si­bi­li­ties for, APC as com­pa­ny, it will also, and more important­ly, sig­ni­fi­cant­ly enhan­ce the pro­ducts and ser­vi­ces that we are able to deli­ver to our cust­o­mers.”

Gustaf Rentzhog, foun­der and CEO of Söder­berg & Part­ners, says:
“We are very exci­ted to invest in APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S. Their strong posi­tion in the Danish B2C pen­sion bro­ker mar­ket is built on local pre­sen­ce across the coun­try whe­re the cli­ents actu­al­ly live, work, and ulti­ma­te­ly will reti­re. That strong con­nection to the cli­ents is a fun­da­men­tal value in our firm and somet­hing we look for in all com­pa­nies we choo­se to invest in.”

For more infor­ma­tion, plea­se con­ta­ct:
Peter Lind­blad, CEO and foun­der, APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S
Mobi­le: +45 2139 0270

Ras­mus Löwen­mo Buck­höj, Head of Infor­ma­tion, Söder­berg & Part­ners Group
Mobi­le: +46 76-​149 50 05

About APC Forsikringsmæglere A/S

APC For­sik­rings­mæg­le­re A/S is with its 150 employ­e­es, spre­ad over five offi­ces in Den­mark and Spain, by far the lar­gest and lea­ding BtC Pen­sion Bro­ker in Den­mark.

Foun­ded in 2007 by CEO Peter Lind­blad, the busi­ness has seen con­si­stent growth in AUM and cli­ents. APC is also known and recog­nized as a lea­ding Fin­tech deve­l­o­per in the pen­sion indu­s­try-​deve­l­o­ping sta­te of the art com­pa­ri­son Fin­tech tools (ISAE 3000 by PwC) for indi­vi­du­al cli­ents.

Brief Facts about Söderberg & Partners

Söder­berg & Part­ners was foun­ded in 2004 and is today a lea­ding non-​bank provi­der of wealth mana­ge­ment and cor­pora­te insu­ran­ce ser­vi­ces in the Nor­dic region and the Net­her­lands.

Söder­berg & Part­ners has in 15 years achie­ved a mar­ket lea­ding posi­tion with regards to cust­o­mer satis­fa­ction and mar­ket pre­sen­ce wit­hin all seg­ments in which it is acti­ve.

For addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion about Söder­berg & Part­ners, plea­se visit Söder­berg & Part­ners’ web­s­i­te at www.soder­berg­part­ners.se.